How To Remove Shower Taps?

Having a long shower at the end of the day is the best way to get rid of all the stress. But, sometimes, there can be problems pertaining to the shower tap. In that case, you must remove it and install a new one. For that, you must know how to remove shower taps. There are some DIY steps that you can follow but make sure that you have the necessary tools and materials. Moreover, if you have no experience in plumbing and are not too confident, you must take expert assistance.

Things you Need to Remove Shower Taps

Do you want to know how to remove shower taps? Before that, you must collect some materials and tools required. Check the list given here.

  • Cloth
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers

Steps to Remove the Shower Taps

Take a look at the steps involved in how to remove shower taps.

  • The foremost step involves turning off the water supply. Here, you must locate the shutoff valve preset near the shower. However, if you are unable to find it, you can just switch off the main water valve.
  • If you see any water, you can place a cloth directly under the shower. It will prevent you from creating a mess in your bathroom.
  • Now, you must remove the shower tap. For this, firstly, loosen the rosettes.
  • Under the rosettes, you will observe the S-shaped pipe fittings.
  • Then, you need to loosen the nuts or rings that secure the S-shaped fittings securely.

These are the steps that you can follow in how to remove shower taps.

How to Install New Shower Taps?

After removing the old shower taps, you must place the new one. Check out the steps listed here.

Step 1: Make use of the S-shaped pipe fittings

The first step involves checking out the water supply pipes that play a role in keeping the shower taps on the wall. Make sure that the distance between the hot and cold water pipes is not more than 16 cm. Any changes in the distance must be corrected immediately. To do this, you must use S-shaped pipe fittings.

Step 2: Fix the S-shaped pipe fittings

Then, keep the S-shaped fittings just above the threaded ends. These are located within the water supply pipelines. After that, place the rosettes over the pipes. Now, you can screw the S-shaped pipe fitting onto the shower tap. For this, you can use the connecting nuts and sealing washers. In order to ensure added protection, make use of the Teflon tape.

Step 3: Tighten the shower tap nuts

After that, make sure to tighten the shower tap nuts. In order to do this properly, you can use the wrench. If you are worried about causing damage to the nuts chrome, keep a cloth over the nuts. Here, you must excise caution as too much pressure can cause cracks. It is inadvisable that you tighten it excessively.

Step 4: Switch the water supply on

The last step involves turning on the water supply. Moreover, you must also check if the issue is resolved. However, if you still observe the problem, it’s better to contact professional shower repair plumbers.

Having Issues With the Shower Taps? Get Professional Aid Now!

There are various reasons that can lead to problems with the shower taps. Some common causes include damaged O-rings, worn-out gasket, etc. No matter the reason, it is vital that you replace it as soon as possible. For that, you must know how to remove shower taps. Moreover, delaying the problem can eventually lead to leakage. That can lead to a wide range of issues. However, if the problem persists, you must get in touch with the professionals immediately.

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